Saturday, December 17, 2011


I saw a news article earlier via Politico about Michele Bachmann continuing her defense of comments on Islam made during the debate Thursday night. What she said and did was akin to old school McCarthyism. Apparently the small and narrow minded have both adapted and adopted Islam for Communism and Muslims for the new Communists. For those who need a shadow dwelling enemy, I present to you ISLAM, the Red Scare 2.0!! Only...that's really not the best representation of a people and/or their faith. Yes, FAITH. We are allowing a group of narrow minded, non-informed, patently ignorant fear mongers to contribute this to the national dialogue where it is both dangerous and negligent.

It was back in September of 2010 when Pastor Terry Jones drew ridicule and scorn for his promised threat to burn multiple copies of the Koran in Florida. Being in Baghdad at that time, it made for an even more delicate situation than it would here in the states. That being said, who in their right mind believes it is acceptable to burn another person's Holy Book? How is it that America, the bastion of progressive thought and freedom of religion, is also the one place where these kinds of thoughts and actions occur? This is a free country, where we are not only allowed but encouraged to speak freely but to live our lives by embracing those freedoms wholly and openly. But what Pastor Jones did by his actions was galvanize every single Islamo-fascist and put every single American service member in even more imminent danger. Somehow I don't think I want to thank him for that.

What this comes from is a rush by those ignorant of what they speak  hoping to define it and use it to have others mirror their own own fears. If we allow our fears to manifest into ignorant aggression we become that which we fear. Muslims don't have a blanket hatred for us. Large portions wish to come here and live under the exact same freedoms we enjoy. They seek to raise their children in a society where they are free to grow and prosper and take part in the greatest country in the world. Like most people, religion is the cornerstone of their society and daily life. Are there factions and individuals who use Islam in a bent, twisted fashion to allow their fanaticism and hatred to justify their actions? Absolutely. Has it resulted in death and oppression? Again, yes. But then again, hasn't every major religion partaken in those very actions? Look at history, read your bible. The amount of horrors committed in the name of someone's God are vast and far reaching! There are people in this country, who still kill in the name of their beliefs. Anyone ever heard of Dr. David Gunn and the man who killed him, Michael F. Griffin?

In no way shape or form am I offering up myself as some sort of apologist for the Muslim community and those who worship in an Islamic faith. Quite the contrary. I have seen up close and personal the horrors in the Muslim world, all perpetrated by a sense of twisted faith. Those actions are wrong, horrendous and for lack of a better term, evil. Children being sent into a street to put bombs on military vehicles, enemy combatants hiding in schools and hospitals using the sick and/or the young as shields. The mere treatment of females alone in the strict, hard-line Muslim communities are an atrocity of the highest caliber. These are the acts of twisted, perverted group which uses the faithful as fodder and pawns in a game of hatred. But in terms of perspective...I've seen it done here, in plain sight.

What I find so deplorable about this situation is that people like Pastor Terry Jones or even the likes of Pat Robertson commit grand acts of hypocrisy while damning Islam and Muslims. The very words and actions of anti-Islamic intolerance puts them in league with those they seek to demonize. And every time some narrow minded moron from the Tea Party(only the most blind, publicity desperate, ardent supporters) or people the likes of Michele Bachmann speak out in a voice of ignorance they stoke the flames of the very caricatures they attack. And how is it she stands on a stage and basically advocates war with Islam on trumped up facts and patently wrong statistics? As President she hopes to send military personnel into harms way to battle a faith she doesn't comprehend? For Christ's sake she has a STAFF!!! How can she be this misinformed with people to tell her what is important? I'm one person without a staff and I'm still better informed than her.

In no way am I promoting freedom of speech...just watch what you say, not by any means. What I am hoping for is a bit of knowledge and forethought. Haven't these individuals ever heard the term "Know Your Enemy"? At least read about Islam and know that which you speak of. I always advise the reading of the Koran, it's amazing at the amount of perversion done by those who seek to engage in zealous harm commit against the religion they cloak themselves in. So, march on those who seek to tread the path of ignorance in your naked quest for power. The power to promote your ideals as gospel, not to be disputed. Just don't be surprised when someone holds a mirror to you and and your pale patriotism, exposing it for hypocrisy.

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